The Nightmare War

Episode 7

Wherein the Battle with Vaslo's Companions Concludes, and Vaslo Somewhat Returns to Reality

Through much heroics on the side of our heroes, and Muroni's determination to keep Deegan from the final sleep, our heroes manage to defeat Vaslo and his companions. Val'vakri flees, along with the half-giant and the dromite, leaving the body of the Riedran male (a soulknife) behind, as well as Vaslo, who is caught tight in RaE's grip, with the door wards blocking entrance into the Spire almost completely removed.

Shemhazai manages to strip most of Val'vakri's psionic influence from Vaslo, leaving him simply a tired, confused old man. He regresses into the past, calling our heroes by the names of Vaslo's former companions from the first expedition he made to the Spire. To him, Zylah is Jylnah d'Phiarlan, Shemhazai is Shezuli, Muroni is Tessilna, Drakeus is Magdamar, and Proust is Versel Orn. He refers to RaE as the 'Mark 13 Prototype', and discusses some of the House Cannith experiments in the realm of making constructs sentient.

The party convinces him to rest for the night, and make camp at the foot of the Spire before leaving Vaslo in Zylah's care (as Jylnah), and briefly explore the area before beginning the grim process of cleaning up. In one part of the valley is a large, magical sigil inscribed upon the ground – upon some study, it is determined that it might be a gate to Dal Quor… or would be, if Dal Quor were contiguous with Eberron.

A large well in another portion of the valley proves to be a well that allows contact with any sleeping creature. Proust uses it to contact his draconic patron and provide all the information that he knows to date; he also utilizes it to contact Versel Orn – one of the other passengers on the ship the heroes took to Xen'drik, as well as a member of Vaslo's original expedition, according to the old man's mutterings.

Versel confirms that he was on the original expedition – surprisingly enough, considering that the well was not supposed to allow two-way communication. He also hints that House Cannith did not find everything that was to be found in the Spire originally, and that some things were kept from them for their own good. He wishes Proust luck before an unnerved Proust severs the connection.

Shemhazai studies the Spire, which is beautiful in the morning light. She does inform Drakeus, as he calls RaE down from the tower (leaving only ordinary constructs upon it), that there is a consciousness within the Spire… and that it can reach outside it, as Shemhazai can still hear the distress call, although it does not seem malevolent, just lonely… and patient.

Our heroes spend the rest of the day and night resting, and prepare to enter the Spire the next day.



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