The Nightmare War

Raid on Kintam Coluun

The Destruction of Vial’vithkari... For Now.

We also learn that Lord Baalnakhun is the Head of Research currently at Kintam Coluun. Quori Shemhazai mentions that he is a Lorekeeper, and one of Shemhazai’s old students. He had “some skill” at planar magics, and “dabbled” in arcane magics as well.

Proust contacts other plane – The Devourer – and asks:

1. What is the most significant obstacle on our raid by sea on Kintam Coluun? Crystal coral golems and phrenic scyllans. (Proust knows that scyllans are fiends; they can produce a wailing noise that is unsettling to nearby creatures; they can control water, are resistant to spells and need magic and silver to damage. (Proust gets a 42 on his knowledge check.) Crystal coral golems have typical golem traits (immunity to magic and psionics, DR adamantite). They also have the ability to dispel magic/psionics and if they hit you they possibly can stun you.)

2. Is there another threat that you think we should prepare for? Yes.

3. What? The Denizens of the Fortress.

4. Do they have any magical wards on the underwater approach? Yes.

5. Of what nature? Detection, abjuration.

6. Which abjuration is the most dangerous to us? Imprisonment.

7. Are there mechanical traps, or would that be too gauche? Yes, there are mechanical traps.

8. What is the 2nd most dangerous spell? Disjunction.

9. What is the 3rd most dangerous spell? Guards and wards.

Proust calls Ehécatl, the couatl to buff the party the day before. Then, we buff up, throw on an invisibility sphere and nondetection, and swim in, heading toward the gate past the crystal coral golems and scyllans.

However, when we are sneaking with invisibility and zone of silence, Rae accidentally gets some seaweed caught on her, kicking up a cloud of dust, and draws the attention of one of the scyllans. Thinking quickly, Proust casts a silent image of a giant crab burrowing into the sea floor. We all hold very still until it loses interest. RaE manages to disentangle herself and we move forward again… until she manages to get herself caught again and draws the attention of another. Proust instantly conjures the vision of another crab. Eventually it settles down again, Drakeus casts a buff to help RaE’sand we get to the gate.

Shem, Inq, and Drakeus cluster at the gate to disable the traps. We manage to get the imprisonment, greater dispel magic, disjunction, alarm, arcane lock, divert teleport, true seeing without too much problem. We can’t get the guards and wards, as it is not centered here.

We wiggle through the gate, trying not to be noticed. Unfortunately, we are noticed by one of the scyllans. Thinking quickly, Inq uses silent image to disguise the rust that got scraped off, while Proust uses the same spell to animate a fish being grabbed by the imprisonment spell. We manage to wiggle our way in without any more mishaps.

We get further into the caverns, and discover a dock where a crew is making a stormship ready to sail. There appears to be dry docks further into the cavern. Inq finds an unobtrusive place to leave the water, prestidigitation dries, and flies straight up to get a better view of the cavern, utilizing greater invisibility. He notices several other stormships on the docks. There are a lot of humans, which are probably Inspired, and a high percentage of shifters (they have a large presence in the Edgewalkers).

Inq spots an airship that is under construction off in the direction of the dry docks. It does seem to match the description of “our” airship. There are several gnomes currently working on the ship, and it seems like it is very close to being completed. With Inq directing us, we get as close as possible via water, and then find a discreet place to leave the water, dry ourselves off with prestidigitation, and fly over to the ship (keeping ourselves within our formation of invisibility and silence).

As we pass the stormship and move further into the cavern, RaE mentions that Shira is sensing a familiar presence from deeper into the Citadel. Shem asks her passenger if he notices anything; he responds that he does not, but he is intrigued by the comment.

Unfortunately, as we get closer to the ship, Vial’vithkari notices all of us except Proust; his spell causes her to become damaged and blinded, and Inq attacks her, injuring her badly. She dispels the area she last saw us in, missing everyone but Proust; she dispels his puzzlebox, which means he is visible to everyone with True Seeing (which includes an archer in the crow’s nest).

RaE charges the archer, who had noticed us, while Drakeus casts a spell damaging Vial’vithkari. Proust, who had asked Shem to wait a moment until he could act, concentrates for a moment. Those near to him might notice that there was a flicker of dark flames around his fingertips just before he told Shemhazai to go ahead with the disintegrate. Shemhazai then fires a green ray at Vial’vithkari – reducing her to a small pile of grey dust.



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