Chaotic Neutral Elan: Erduite, Quietus, Rogue, Ranger and Extreme Explorer


A woman of unusual appearance in Khorvaire, Shemhazai has olive skin, pointed features, exotic almond-shaped eyes and, most strikingly, a waterfall of violet hair that she often wears loose. She also has extensive, and distinctive, tattoos – spiky, angular designs adorning the backs of her hands, her upper legs (viewable through her side-laced pants), and extending up her neck to the left side of her face. She nearly always wears a matte-black chain shirt and rapier with black leather-wrapped hilt. A large amethyst-colored crystal seems to function as the rapier's pommel-stone.

Shemhazai originally hails from Sarlona, as her unusual appearance indicates. She says that she made the voyage in 993 YK, but tends to shrug off as unimportant any questions of where she hailed from in Sarlona or what she did beforehand. When pressed, she'll just say that she had lived many places in Sarlona, but most recently Adar. The only jarring note is her tattoos – although not unheard of, such extensive tattoos are uncommon among the kalashatar of Adar and nearly unheard of among those of Riedra, the main power on mainland Sarlona. She coolly discourages any questions into the origin or meaning behind the tattoos.

Soon after landing at the port in Sharn, Shemhazai joined a small, specialized group of mercenaries called the Crimson Winds in the employ of Breland. The Winds performed primarily scouting and sabotage during the War, as well as the occasional espionage mission, primarily against other squads and only rarely against large targets.

However, with the Day of Mourning the bulk of the Crimson Winds was on assignment in Cyre – including the leadership team of the Winds. The rest of the company was left without direction or orders. Shemhazai left the group (what little was left of it) and traveled back to Sharn.

She has traveled a bit in Breland since the end of the War, but for the most part has stayed in Sharn for the last several years, exploring that city – which she seems to find fascinating. Currently, she makes her home in a small, sparse apartment in the Overlook quarter, which contains a large community of kalashtar and other Sarlonan immigrants. However, she can regularly be found in various nightclubs and entertainment venues throughout Sharn – and many employees and regulars of locales that are close to Overlook recognize, and welcome, her on sight.

Shemhazai seems to be fairly content with her current lot, and works only when she needs the funds. She does seem to have a mentor in Havakhad, a kalashtar seer in the Overlook quarter. She is overly protective of him – and indeed, the entire community, and is constantly on the lookout for anyone who might have any ill intentions toward them.

Shemhazai's personality is an unusual – and somewhat unsettling – blend of wide-eyed innocent and jaded veteran. She finds some of the most ordinary things fascinating (such as the architecture of Sharn), but can be disconcertingly blasé about other events (as former members of the Winds can attest). She has been known to make many nervous, as there is something just a bit unsettling and off about her demeanor and reactions.


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