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  • Vaslo d’Cannith

    Vaslo is the elderly and somewhat senile uncle of Drakeus. It is rumored that he was one of the original creators of the warforged; it is also rumored that he would be the Head of House Cannith were it not for the regrettable state of his wits. Vaslo …

  • Deegin "Drowfriend" Barrister

    Hired by the group to lead them to the Dream Spire, and hopefully catch up with Vaslo's group on the way, Deegin is a talented Thunder Guide who knows the northern jungles of Xen'drik well.

  • Muroni

    The party met Muroni in Stormreach, where she introduced herself and said that she had been waiting for the group. She offered her services as healer in returned for being allowed to accompany the group and bear witness to the great and momentous events …

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