Mind Seed

Information as explained by Shemhazai in Episode 10 

Using Mind Seed on an individual can only be accomplished by some of the most powerful psions, as one must be very experienced to manifest the power. Also, it takes from the life force of the one manifesting the power, making it a weapon to be used only when needed. It takes a week for the mind seed to fully germinate; during that time, it can be removed only by very powerful psionics or spells, such as psychic chirurgery, reality revision, wish, or miracle. Protection from evil and similar effects will slow the germination process of the seed by the magic's duration. Those same effects can also prevent the mind seed from being implanted in the first place. However, once the seed is fully germinated, it is impossible to return the subject to its previous state.

It is easiest to discover a subject affected by the power during the germination process. They will slowly take on habits and mannerisms of the party who manifested the mind seed; however, being that most of those are quori or quori-controlled Inspired, this is very difficult… quori are not only excellent at hiding their thoughts and intentions, but the mind-seeded individual has all the memories of the original to work with during the germination process. However, it is still easier to detect during this process than it is after the mind seed has fully taken effect – at that point, it is nearly impossible, and the individual has almost all of the skills and powers of the individual who manifested the mind seed and the mental capabilities of the manifester, as well as all of the memories of the target. And as quori are fanatics, the mind-seeded individual, despite being a new being with no actual ties to either of the originals that created it besides memories, is just as fanatically devoted to the missions of the manifester.

Sometimes, individuals mind-seeded by The Dreaming Dark retain not only the memories of the original being, but all the powers, skills, and abilities as well. It is not widely known why sometimes they do and sometimes they don't – it could be based on the individual targeted by the mind seed, or The Dreaming Dark could have developed more than one version of the power.

Mind Seed

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